Parts And Filters For Airflow And Containment Systems

Pre-Filters, HEPA and Carbon Filters, Fan Motors, Boards

Order filters, fan motors, boards and other airflow equipment parts quickly and easily – improving system safety and efficiency, reducing equipment downtime.

BPS Crowthorne sources, stocks, supplies and manufactures a wide range of spares for airflow systems. We work closely with manufacturers, enabling us to obtain replacement parts more quickly:

  • pre-filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters
  • fan motors
  • electrical components, boards and other parts.

Labcaire And Microflow Parts And Filters

BPS Crowthorne is the official supplier of airflow spares and filters for:

  • Labcaire (since acquiring the service and spares business in April 2017)
  • Microflow (after acquiring the Bioquell airflow service business in August 2017 and parts business in January 2018).

Find Out More, Order Parts And Filters

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