Parts And Filters For Airflow And Containment Systems

Pre-Filters, HEPA and Carbon Filters, Fan Motors, Boards and other Clean Airflow Equipment Spares

Order filters, fan motors, boards and other airflow equipment parts quickly and easily – improving system safety and efficiency, reducing equipment downtime.

BPS Crowthorne sources, stocks, supplies and manufactures a wide range of spares for airflow systems. We work closely with manufacturers, enabling us to obtain replacement parts more quickly:

  • Pre-filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters
  • Fan motors
  • Electrical components, boards and other parts.

Parts & Filters

When your airflow equipment stops functioning as it should, it’s essential to get it back up and running quickly. To keep your clean air equipment working efficiently, we source and supply a range of spare parts.


We supply a range of pre-filters and HEPA filters to suit airflow equipment of all shapes and sizes.

HEPA filters are available in various sizes, materials and specifications with gaskets and fittings options to meet your needs. You can purchase HEPA filters separately or as combined units when buying activated carbon filters. If you’re not sure what type of filter you need, our team can take the details of your equipment and recommend a suitable filter.

All HEPA filters are constructed with a non-flammable, water repellent microfine glass fibre paper. HEPA filters are generally 99.997 per cent efficient. Should you need a higher specification than this, ULPA filters are 99.998 per cent efficient.  

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are highly effective at eliminating vapours and gases that can be toxic, odorous or flammable. Mitigating the effects of hazardous particles in the air, carbon filters are essential for ensuring safety in the workplace. To keep your workplace safe, we supply activated carbon filters for fume cupboards, safety cabinets and more.

All our carbon filters are made in the UK using quality activated carbon. We satisfy all requirements of British Standard BS7989:2001 and European Standard AFNOR NF X 15-211 during the production process and are certified by CE and ISO, which ensures a consistent performance in our filters.

Component Parts

We also supply other component parts and spares to keep your equipment running smoothly. We supply fan motors, electrical components and boards for a vast range of LEV, fume cupboards and safety cabinets.

All parts we source are either OEM originals or approved replacements.

Labcaire & Microflow Parts & Filters

We are an official supplier of Labcaire and Microflow parts and filters. Find Labcaire and Bioquell airflow equipment to suit every equipment type.


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