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Each course is tailored to be up to date with contemporary material and industry relevant developments


The lyo specialists at our sister company, Biopharma Group, are world-renowned for their expertise in freeze drying. With extensive, in-depth practical hands-on and best practices knowledge, plus an ongoing involvement with industry developments, the team has many years of experience in resolving client freeze drying issues, the design of new formulations and optimisation/ scale-up processes. Having worked on thousands of freeze drying projects and products from small drug molecules to large complex biomolecules, food products, tissues, whole organisms, advanced materials and archaeological artifacts to name a few. Passing on that expertise via dedicated lyo training courses proved an ‘in demand’ resource and as such a natural progression of the services available. Since Biopharma Group started the training courses back in 1997, course options have evolved to include regularly scheduled lyo courses held in the UK, Ireland, USA & mainland Europe, as well as customised courses (on-site or webinar), eLearning video modules, online training and most recently added, a L6 Lyo Course Accredited by University of Limerick.

World-Class Knowledge, Practical Experience

Lyophilisation is a complex science with few experienced experts available to teach it. However, BPS Crowthorne, as part of Biopharma Group, is a global leader in freeze drying technology and techniques. We therefore offer highly specialised lyophilisation training courses tailored to the requirements of industry and academia.

Our experts have been running lyophilisation courses in the UK, Europe and the USA since 2000. Benefit from our world-class expertise; learn leading edge techniques and best practices that will:

  • help your personnel to identify and address time-consuming and expensive issues affecting your projects
  • eliminate or reduce equipment downtime
  • save time and money in regulatory compliance and submissions.



All courses are relevant to anyone whose activities include:

  • Formulation and Process R&D
  • Process Engineering
  • Pilot Plant Operation
  • Production

 Scheduled lyo training courses run regularly throughout the year across locations in the UK, USA, France, Ireland and mainland Europe.


Customised lyophilisation training courses present the perfect opportunity for you to create a fully tailored program, with content specific to your individual operation. Whether you require an engineering or science related program, or a mix of the two, it’s totally up to you. The way in which the training is delivered is also flexible.

  • On Site - Lecturers will travel to your site and deliver presentations to your team in their own working environment, allowing the chance to discuss details of products as well as particular issues that may arise, all with complete confidentiality. Alternatively, you may wish for your own customised training program to run at Biopharma Group’s facility in the UK, where your staff will have use of our laboratory throughout their course, for practical application learning.
  • Customised Lyo Webinar(s) – Our lyo experts can create you a bespoke online training program in line with your specific requirements, to be delivered to your employees via webinar. This option is particularly useful for those with colleagues across multiple sites, as it eliminates the need for travel, but still ensures they are receiving the same expert instruction with complete confidentiality.


  • Live scheduled lyo webinars - If you want to educate staff across multiple sites for a live, interactive training session, the live webinars are a great option. Like the scheduled lyo courses, the webinars offer employees from multiple companies or sites, the opportunity to attend a session led by one of our qualified instructors, bringing the classroom to them. These topic specific sessions run throughout the year.
  • Pre-recorded eLearning modules – Your team members can learn at their convenience with our pre-recorded eLearning video training modules – see examples below. Modules are available to purchase individually or as a bundle, allowing your team to complete their training at their own pace, at their preferred location and time; attaining a course attendance certificate upon completion.
  • Fundamentals of Freeze Drying - 5 Science Modules exploring the technology behind freeze drying
  • Freeze Drying Systems - 4 Engineering Modules explaining in depth the maintenance and engineering of freeze drying equipment.
  • Bonus Free Content - Covering topics from Freeze Drying in the food industry, to lyobeads technology in the diagnostics and pharma sectors, to the what’s and why’s of freeze drying, to an introduction to analytic instruments and freeze drying equipment. 


  • Level 6 Lyophilisation Course “Fundamentals of Freeze Drying in a Pharmaceutical Context” – Accredited by University of Limerick – As the only university programme of its type, those who enrol on this six month lyo course receive an in-depth comprehensive education in freeze drying fundamentals with practical lab sessions that combine Biopharma Group’s freeze drying expertise with the University of Limerick's commitment to building the level of excellence in the pharmaceutical lyophilisation community with this newly accredited course. Upon successful completion, students receive a qualification worth 6 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Credits* at European Qualification Framework (EQF) Level 6 (Bachelors degree standard). The programme is aimed at those in the commercial pharmaceutical sector.

*ECTS credit can count towards a degree


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