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BPS Crowthorne BPS Crowthorne Freeze Drying Training Courses Customised Courses Scheduled Lyo Courses Learn From The Innovators Online Courses

Lyo Training Courses & Webinars

Whats Coming Up

Together with our team of lyophilisation experts, we developed a series of training videos explaining the science behind freeze drying. The first two training course we launched are called ‘Fundamentals of Freeze Drying’ and ‘Freeze Drying Systems’.

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World-Class Knowledge, Practical Experience

Lyophilisation is a complex science with few experienced experts available to teach it. However, BPS Crowthorne, as part of Biopharma Group, is a global leader in freeze drying technology and techniques. We therefore offer highly specialised lyophilisation training courses tailored to the requirements of industry and academia.

Our experts have been running lyophilisation courses in the UK, Europe and the USA since 2000. Benefit from our world-class expertise; learn leading edge techniques and best practices that will:

  • help your personnel to identify and address time-consuming and expensive issues affecting your projects
  • eliminate or reduce equipment downtime
  • save time and money in regulatory compliance and submissions.

Due to the increasing risk with the Omicron variant of Covid-19, in the interests of safety, we have decided to move the ‘Lyophilisation Fundamentals: Hands-on Practical Training for the Pharmaceutical Industry’ course (Limerick, 23rd – 25th February, 2022) to an online learning sessions format as proved popular last year.

3 day Online Training Course

‘Lyophilisation Fundamentals: Hands-on Practical Training for the Pharmaceutical Industry’

Details available soon – register your interest!

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Details available soon – register your interest!

Online via Zoom

Dr. Kevin Ward & Dr. Edmond Ekenlebie – Biopharma Group
Dr. David Egan – PMTC

Details Available Soon

Level 6 Lyophilisation Course accredited by University of Limerick

• An in-depth comprehensive Freeze-Drying course with practical lab sessions that has been accredited by the University of Limerick

• This course at completion of assessment is worth 6 (European Credit Transfer System)ECTS Credits at (European Qualification Framework) EQF Level 6 (Bachelors degree standard)

• A six month long programme with live webinars and tutorials

• It is aimed at the Commercial Pharmaceutical market hopefully with the support of the employer to reinforce the technical knowledge of their employees

• Would be counted as credit toward a degree

October, 2021

Learn From The Innovators

BPS Crowthorne is at the forefront of freeze drying – offering you in-depth and up-to-date knowledge from our continuing investment in lyophilization research.

Our teams have worked on 3,000+ freeze drying projects including small drug molecules, large complex biomolecules, food and nutraceuticals, tissues and organisms, advanced materials and archaeological artifacts.

You will be trained by experts like:

  • R&D Director Dr Kevin Ward – a globally recognised leader in the field of lyophilization. Dr Ward was awarded his PhD for investigations into the freeze drying of pharmaceutical formulations and drug/vaccine delivery systems, focusing on the use of protective agents in formulations of proteins and liposomes.

    Dr Ward also lectures on freeze drying extensively as part of our freeze drying training courses and as a regular on the conference circuit. He has been an industrial supervisor to two PhD students and is a member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences Parenterals Group.

    At Biopharma Group, Dr Ward has had direct involvement in the freeze drying R&D of a diverse range of materials.

    He also chairs the PHSS Freeze Drying Special Interest Group, an international working group that produces monographs on practical aspects of freeze drying technology.

  • Thomas Peacock (MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis) – who has managed many commercial freeze drying projects, typically involving formulation development/characterisation and designing robust and efficient cycles

  • Kevin Smith – former Technical and Service Director at Biopharma Group, with 25 years of industry experience in installations, qualifications and relocation of a variety of freeze dryers; he was responsible for overseeing our day-to-day engineering operation.
  • Dr Edmond Ekenlebie – received his PhD from Aston University in Birmingham, UK. His work focused on the optimisation of the bulk freeze drying process and the implications of powder rheology using methods including the novel use of X-ray microtomography.

    He also holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies (Distinction) from Kingston University, London. Dr Ekenlebie currently offers his expertise by way of consultancy, training courses and at conferences.

    He remains heavily involved in research work. His current research collaboration is focused on recombinant vaccine formulation development to break the cold chain.

As a part of Biopharma Group, our lyo experts have trained more than 6,000 people on 400+ courses in 45+ cities. Choose from scheduled, customised and online/ webinar courses (live or pre-recorded) held throughout the year.

Scheduled Lyo Courses

Suitable for anyone working in freeze drying process engineering, pilot plant operation, production, formulation/process R&D and quality assurance. You will be able to apply the knowledge practically to your own applications.

Each course is tailored and fully up-to-date with the latest industry-relevant developments. Topics usually include:

  • product freezing – ice structure, cooling rates and glass transition/eutectic behaviour
  • general concepts of formulation – excipients, protectants and solute behaviour
  • formulation characterisation – including freeze drying microscopy (FDM), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC),Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (mDSC), Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
  • cycle design, scale-up and Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • freeze drying of proteins – stabilisation issues and the role of excipients.

Three-day Comprehensive Courses In Freeze Drying Technology

Comprehensive training for those involved in all stages of freeze drying – from R&D and laboratory work to full-scale industrial production. It includes:

  • general introduction to freeze drying
  • design of a freeze dryer
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • equipment qualification
  • formulation characterisation prior to freeze drying
  • formulation design
  • analysing the dried product
  • cycle development and scale-up issues
  • product and process monitoring
  • smart tech and controlled nucleation
  • sterilisation and cleaning.

The course also includes two workshops:

  • critical review of freeze dried materials
  • interdisciplinary problem-solving

Lyo Process Development In Practice: 3-Day Workshop

This training covers everything from the two-day course and more. Get practical classroom training with experienced scientists plus hands-on time in our freeze drying laboratory in Winchester (UK) – using the same equipment and techniques we use in our own research and consultancy work. You will learn:

  • different techniques of formulation analysis
  • how to develop and optimise a freeze drying cycle
  • how to program a freeze dryer
  • how to integrate Process Analytical Technology (PAT) into development
  • what can go wrong, how to troubleshoot
  • how to tell if your cycle was successful (post-process characterisation).

Customised Courses

Specify bespoke freeze drying training focused on the science, the engineering or a combination of the two. Delivery is flexible, based on your requirements:

On-Site Bespoke Training

Customised training at our facilities in Winchester, giving your staff use of our laboratory and equipment. Alternatively, our lecturers can travel to your workplace/site and train your team there, enabling you to discuss specific projects and issues in detail – all in complete confidentiality.

Customised Webinars

Fully bespoke training delivered via webinar, eliminating travel costs – ideal for companies with multiple sites. Get expert training with complete confidentiality.

Online Training Courses

Ideal for organisations with locations all over the world. Gain access to live, pre-recorded and/or fully customised online courses, delivered by experts (with complete confidentiality):

  • live scheduled webinars – live and interactive training for staff across multiple sites. Topic-specific sessions are run throughout the year.
  • pre-recorded training – your staff can learn at times to suit them, at their own pace and in their preferred location(s). Modules include the Basics (freezing, drying, secondary drying) and Formulation Design (understanding active ingredients, common excipients and their functions, case study).


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