Freeze Drying Analytical Lab Services, Training And Consultancy

Lyo Lab R&D Analytical Services

Achieve critical enhancements in formulation quality. Generate significant efficiencies in product viability, time and costs.

Outsource your lyophilization research to BPS Crowthorne’s world-class contract R&D team. It is led by Director of R&D, Dr Kevin Ward, renowned internationally for his pioneering work in freeze drying red blood cells and for his knowledge of freeze drying processes and technology across the industry.

Our Quality by Design (QbD) approach minimises risk by applying data and prior knowledge. It is more structured than traditional iterative R&D.

Benefit from our expertise in:

  • R&D/process troubleshooting, cycle audit and regulatory support
  • new product process and formulation development and production
  • design and development of proprietary analytical technology.

Applications include food/nutraceuticals, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Get expert help with:

  • product characterisation (vital to formulation and process development) using freeze drying microscopy, differential thermal analysis and impedance analysis
  • post-process analyses – moisture analysis by Karl Fisher Coulometric Titration and Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry (mDSC), MicroPress determination of dried cake robustness, mechanical testing, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) and X-ray Diffraction Analysis (XRD)
  • formulation development – our scientists have worked on more than 3,000 different products including small drug molecules, large and complex biomolecules, foods, tissues and cells
  • cycle development – to create robust, repeatable and efficient processes (usually within three runs)
  • specialist analysis to enhance quality control – Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • process review – for scale up, product evolution, regulatory submissions
  • scale up and optimisation, including production outsourcing
  • collaborative projects – bid for government funding
  • cytotoxic handling in safe, standalone facilities (Class 7).

Freeze Drying Training Courses

Learn leading-edge freeze drying techniques and best practices from a global leader in lyophilization practice and technology.

BPS Crowthorne, as part of Biopharma Group, has been running highly specialised courses in the UK, Europe and the USA since 2000. Training is tailored to the needs of industry and academia.

Our freeze drying experts have trained more than 6,000 people on 400+ courses in 45+ cities. Choose from:

  • scheduled training – including three-day comprehensive courses in freeze drying technology; two-day courses in freeze drying process development technology; lyo process development in practice (three-day workshop)
  • customised courses tailored to your company’s specific needs
  • on-site bespoke training
  • full bespoke webinars (live)
  • online training courses (live and pre-recorded).

Freeze Drying R&D Consultancy

Outsourcing your lyophilization R&D to a secure CRO cuts costs, saves time and provides confidential third-party insight at every stage of the freeze drying process.

BPS Crowthorne provides a complete single-source solution from benchtop research to pilot-scale and production contract manufacturing for biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food production and nutraceuticals. We have the capacity to handle virtually all contracts in-house (with trusted partners available for very large projects).

Large organisations depend on our CRO team for R&D and collaborative projects – from major corporates to academia and charities (including a major cancer charity). We have a strong track record in leading successful bids for research funding.