Freeze Dryers, Bioprocessing Equipment, Lyo Analytical Instrumentation

Improve the consistency of your freeze drying and bioprocessing to enhance product performance. Reduce cycle times, increase efficiencies and cut costs.

Get the complete range of lyo and bioprocessing equipment solutions from one world-class supplier. BPS Crowthorne brings together all the expertise of Biopharma Group and Crowthorne Group to offer:

Freeze Dryers & Fill-Finish Processing Line Equipment

BPS Crowthorne is the only freeze dryer supplier to offer Irish customers the complete range of lyophilisation and fill-finish solutions for a full end-to-end service:

  • advanced equipment – view the full range of benchtop, pilot/R&D and production-scale freeze dryers configured to your requirements
  • lyo laboratory services – independent R&D consultancy, pre-formulation studies, cycle review and development, formulation development, validation of lyo storage and transportation
  • lyophilization training courses – learn from experienced specialists at the forefront of freeze drying
  • freeze dryer servicing and maintenance – optimise performance, reduce downtime and extend equipment life
  • full fill-finish aseptic processing lines and labelling equipment – covering your entire vial journey from vial washers, trayloaders and filling lines to sterilisation ovens and labelling solutions.


Bioprocessing Equipment – Benchtop, Pilot/ Research, Production Scale

Choose bioprocessing equipment that delivers superior performance and efficiencies at laboratory, pilot/research and production scale. Empower your innovation with faster, smarter and more accurate bioprocessing:

  • high pressure homogenisers – BPS Crowthorne is the exclusive distributor in Ireland for world-class Avestin EmulsiFlex high pressure homogenisers for research, pilot and scaled-up production (GMP-suitable, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, FAT, SAT, IQ/OQ certified)
  • solvent evaporators – industry-leading SP Genevac solvent evaporators offer optimum evaporation and sample integrity
  • volumetric powder fillers – safe, fast, accurate and economical vacuum-based technology for applications including pharmaceuticals, food production/nutraceuticals, beauty and cosmetics, dietary supplements, powdered metals/silicon, microspheres, salts and agricultural products
  • preparative chromatography and separation solutions from world-class supercritical fluid chromatography solutions provider Sepiatec GmbH

Lyophilization Analytical Instruments

World-class analytical instruments designed and developed specifically for advanced freeze drying applications.

BPS Crowthorne is the only company in Ireland to offer a complete one-stop shop solution for your lyo critical event instrumentation and analysis requirements:

  • pre- and post-lyophilization analytical instruments
  • commissioning, installation
  • servicing, maintenance

Our advanced freeze drying analytical instrumentation includes:

  • Lyostat freeze drying microscope – PC-controlled FDM identifies critical formulation parameters including collapse temperature (Tc), eutectic melting temperature (Teu), crystallisation phenomena, potential for skin/crust formation, effects of annealing on ice crystal growth, solute structure and critical temperature.
  • Lyotherm frozen state analyser – provides the most accurate data on the market, dual analysis combines electrical and thermal techniques (enabling you to do two analyses at the same time).
  • MicroPress – determines the robustness (Young’s Modulus) and strength (max stress at failure) of lyophilized cakes, providing precise data for greater certainty during transportation and handling.
  • Optical DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) Stage – bolt-on system that measures glass transitions, crystallisation and melting events, enabling simultaneous imaging and DSC analysis.