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Bioprocessing Equipment

Outperform your competitors: specify bioprocessing equipment that delivers superior performance and efficiencies at laboratory, pilot and production level. Empower your innovation with faster, smarter, more accurate bioprocessing.

Why BPS Crowthorne? We partner with the world-class manufacturers to provide you with options that will meet your project requirements. Not as a ‘catalogue’ company, but as a trusted technical solutions provider with decades of experience. Adding value by advising and delivering what you need.

We research your requirements thoroughly before recommending options, so you can invest in holistic, strategy-based bioprocessing solutions that make a real difference from day one whilst continuing to add value as you scale up.


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Avestin EmulsiFlex High Pressure Homogenisers

BPS Crowthorne is the exclusive distributor in Ireland for world-class Avestin EmulsiFlex high pressure homogenisers for research, pilot and scaled-up production. Applications include cell disruption/lysis, liposomes, nanoemulsions, particle size reduction and nanoparticles

Avestin systems are GMP-suitable with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. These cutting-edge homogenisers:

  • ensure particle size reduction within the nanometre range
  • maximise reduction of polydispersity for optimum uniformity
  • determine flow or batch times
  • produce higher yields in less time
  • offer near-perfect scale-up potential
  • calculate and define final product quality.

Avestin high pressure homogeniser systems can process the toughest samples with pressures up to 30,000 psi, enough to ensure efficient lysis of E.coli (15,000-20,000 psi) and yeast strains (at least 25,000 psi).

A wide range of models provides a smooth transition from laboratory to production scale requirements. Solutions include systems for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs).

Advanced Simplicity For Optimum Results And Maximum Reliability

At the heart of each machine is Avestin’s unique, self-regulating homogenising valve which maintains itself once the desired pressure is achieved.

This optimum solution outperforms traditional fixed/static valves which are vulnerable to blocking when presented with more difficult products. Avestin’s self-regulating valve opens to allow the blockage to pass through with little or no interruption – eliminating the need to remove a blocked valve and backflush it (which wastes time and product). Dynamic homogenising valves also minimise erosion.

If the EmulsiFlex’s homogenising valve does need to be inspected, it can be disassembled in just a few seconds. There are few moving parts and no O-rings in the product path. Virtually all contact parts are metal-to-metal or metal-to-ceramic. Avestin also builds its own pumps to a high specification to ensure maximum reliability, which are also easy to clean and service.

Key features of Avestin EmulsiFlex Homogenisers:
  • Minimum sample size 10 mL; capacity up to 1,000 litres/hour; short product path ensures minimal hold-up volumes <1 mL
  • Sterile applications, aseptic applications
  • High controllable pressures
  • Cleaning-in-place (CIP), sterilisation-in-place (SIP)
  • Suitable for cGMP manufacture
  • Reproducible results
  • Scalability
  • Quick and easy disassembly, minimal maintenance
  • Fully autoclavable product path
  • Reliable, leak-free design
  • Continuous or batch operation.

Accessories include Automatic Homogenising Pressure Control – enabling users to input the desired pressure to a touchscreen HMI for greater accuracy and consistency (and mirroring GMP-type processing).


Get Specialist Advice On Avestin Homogenisers

Contact BPS Crowthorne for technical advice from product specialists on Avestin systems ranging from 1-5 litres/hour (<1 mL holdback) to 1,000 litres/hour (<15 mL holdback).

We can help you to specify the best high pressure homogeniser for your requirements. Key questions include:

  • Sample type(s) and viscosity/density
  • How many samples do you need to process per day/week?
  • Expected total throughput per batch
  • Temperature control
  • GMP compliance
  • Timeline – when do you need your homogeniser to be on-site and operational?

Watch the video (3m 08s) for more information on high pressure homogenisers.



Genevac Centrifugal Solvent Evaporators

Industry-leading solvent evaporators from SP Genevac offer a series of technical benefits for optimum evaporation and sample integrity. They include:

  • Dri-Pure® - a unique anti-bumping system that prevents foaming cross-contamination and sample loss due to bumping. It is fitted as standard on the EZ-2, Rocket Synergy and Series 3 HT evaporators.
    Read this Glaxo evaluation for more information: “The new generation of Genevac evaporators, incorporating this Dri-Pure® technology, will undoubtedly lead to significant improvements in the quality of samples generated within our labs.”

  • SpeedTrap™ – as seen on the EZ-2 and miVac evaporators – is a trade-marked, frost-free cold trap that suits a wide range of solvents: volatile organic solvents, water, high boiling point solvents. No defrosting is needed. The quarter-turn collection jar is quick and easy to empty.

  • SampleGuard™ –for HT systems – protects samples from overheating when evaporation is complete, removing the need for time-consuming method development. Real-time feedback allows more accurate control of sample temperatures.

    The system comprises four thermocouples and a unique sample temperature wireless transmitter. Either one or two probes accurately determine end-of-run for precision performance and automatic shutdown. The probes can measure any point in the sample holder, including the sample.

  • SampleShield™ temperature control (EZ-2) uses an infrared pyrometer to monitor and control the maximum temperature of the sample holders – removing the need for temperature probes, making loading easier.

    SampleShield™ ensures the fastest evaporation rate while protecting samples from overheating (allowing accurate determination of end-of-run).

Genevac’s robust solvent evaporators resist most common solvents and acids used in laboratories, including trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), dichloromethane (DCM, methylene chloride) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). View the range…

HT Series 3 evaporators – for production laboratories requiring high performance and high sample capacities

  • Ultimate solvent removal technology – patented temperature control and bumping prevention
  • Latest touchscreen technology – intuitive controls for superior monitoring
  • Pre-set ‘press and go’ for popular solvent removal protocols, simple manual and automatic programming
  • Smart, rugged, ergonomic design – front opening for easy access
  • Optimise your solvent evaporation processes quickly and easily.


EZ-2 Series

The latest Genevac EZ-2 4.0 series centrifugal evaporator for parallel sample evaporation has been redesigned with simplicity in mind and is based on decades of expertise in evaporation science. A modern and compact space-saving design – so you’ll still be able to find space in the fume hood or on the lab bench – the EZ-2 is now even more powerful and versatile to streamline your evaporation workflows and accelerate breakthroughs in life science research.

Key Improvements and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic redesign with the SpeedTrap™ jar at the front for easy visibility; removal or replacement is simpler and more intuitive
  • Touchscreen interface featuring more pre-set methods for frequently used protocols, methods guide, and recording of all run data
  • EXALT™ technology enabling crystallization studies such as polymorph screening
  • High power lamps and software improvements enhance overall performance
  • Minimized environmental impact with Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, standby mode to help save energy, complete solvent recovery and reduced use of plastic throughout plus recyclable packaging
  • Advanced temperature control technology offers total sample protection
  • Dri-Pure® anti-bumping technology eliminates bumping and sample loss
  • Can accommodate wide choice of sample types
  • All-in-one compact design saves valuable bench space in the lab
  • Easy maintenance contributes to low cost of ownership

Rocket Series – patented evaporation technology

The Rocket Synergy 2 high speed evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each containing a maximum of 450ml of solvent, or 18 ASE® vials, with no user intervention or attention. The removable flask rotor may also be replaced with a 5 litre stainless steel vessel for batch processing. It is five times faster than other ‘intelligent’ evaporators and is capable of replacing several rotary evaporators, saving valuable bench space.

Main benefits:

  • No waiting – five times faster than other ‘intelligent’ evaporators
  • Perfect results – no monitoring or intervention required for excellent sample recovery
  • Error-free – eliminates foaming, bumping and cross-contamination
  • Easy to use – simple controls and intelligent software

miVAC Sample Concentrators – high performance, easy to use, space-saving design

  • Versatile modular range – for small volume DNA work to high-throughput solvent removal
  • Precise temperature controls, fast evaporation
  • Only concentrators in their class with solid aluminium rotors – enabling faster speeds for stubborn solvents (such as water)
  • Choose from miVac Duo Concentrator (for low sample numbers) or miVac Quattro Concentrator (for more samples)
  • Combine your chosen concentrator with a Duo, Quattro or Scroll vacuum pump (depending on the solvents)
  • Add options – e.g. SpeedTrap™ cold trap and vacuum controller
  • Operate miVAC as a standalone low-volume freeze dryer or a combined concentration/ freeze drying workstation
  • Easy to use, compact units with heat and run timers
  • Wide range of compatible labware.

The miVAC DNA is a small vacuum concentrator for molecular biology with electro-magnetic drive in the concentration chamber (quiet, maintenance-free). It is faster than other systems in its class, user-friendly and has a clear acrylic lid for monitoring.

Watch this video (2m 14s) for more information about SP Genevac solvent evaporators.


Volumetric Powder Fillers

Volumetric powder filling enables precise material dosing: enhancing accuracy and consistency, making processes more efficient, maximising product throughputs.

This vacuum-based technology is safe, fast, accurate and economical for applications including pharmaceuticals, food production, beauty and cosmetics, animal care, dietary supplements, powdered metals/ silicon, microspheres, salts and agricultural products.

It overcomes the issues usually associated with fine powders, and it is superior to other methods:

  • faster than net-weight fillers which rely on load cells (net-weight fillers can also create an undesired dusting effect)
  • more accurate (+/-1%) than a closed-off auger filling machine (which can also compress and damage the product).

Volumetric powder fillers have a filling-gun or shuttle disk with a defined chamber. The technology uses a vacuum to load the product (with no loss of product integrity) and then air pressure to dispense the desired dose (minimising the risk of dusting).

Using a pre-defined vacuum force compresses the powder evenly, enabling highly accurate repeat dosing. Precise adjustments can be made with a micrometer screw. For bigger adjustments, simply change the tool to a smaller or larger bore.


Kinematics & Controls Corp Volumetric Powder Fillers

BPS Crowthorne works directly with the manufacturer Kinematics & Controls Corp to supply volumetric powder fillers – either as standard or custom-configured to meet end-users’ technical requirements.

Our product specialists will work in close partnership with you, examining a range of factors to ensure maximum accuracy of dose, minimum wastage and full compliance with required health and safety regulations.

Factors affecting the choice of volumetric powder filler include:

  • product compressibility
  • whether the product is free-flowing or not
  • stickiness/dusting, size and shape of the particles
  • required dose size
  • container type (KCC offers around 20 various types of gun to ensure optimum accuracy).



Volumetric Powder Fillers Range


Model 4400/VC – Manual/ Semi-Automated Bench Top System

  • Fill up to 3,000-4,000 doses/ day (pouches and/ or rigid containers)
  • Cost efficient
  • Suitable for free-flowing or sticky materials
  • Operate the filling-gun with one hand, use a button or foot pedal for dosing
  • Multi-gun manifold available
  • Upgradable modular system (console forms part of both the 4400/TX and 5500/TX models)
  • Also available for weekly hire for your own in-house trials and batch processing

Model 4400/TX Fully Automated Bench-Top System

  • Modular system comprises the 4400/VC vacuum console with a 4400/RS rotary shuttle
  • Fill 8,000 to 10,000 doses/ day in rigid containers and/ or pouches
  • Maximum dose size is approximately 40 grams (four-inch diameter shuttle disk)
  • Single-fill chamber facilitates calibration process
  • Integral hopper
  • Optional stirring mechanism
  • Built-in product agitation.

Model 5500/TX Automated Bench Top System

  • Modular system comprises the 4400/VC vacuum console with 5500/RS rotary shuttle
  • Automated (can also be integrated with other automated machine functions)
  • Fill rates up to 8,000 to 10,000 doses/day
  • Direct drive technology with programmed stepper motor drive
  • Four operational modes
  • User-interactive HMI colour touchscreen
  • Integral small product hopper
  • Optional 12.6 L hopper with optional stirring mechanism
  • Optional low product level sensor
  • Maximum deliverable dose approximately 180 grams (six-inch diameter shuttle disk)
  • Certified 316L stainless steel construction.

Model 5500/MO

The 5500/MO is a simple, turnkey small-dose powder filler for larger and fully-featured custom automatic packaging lines – download the brochure.

The 5500/TX was redesigned to offer more flexible modular construction for ease of integration to a fully automatic production lines to create the 5500/MO. The 5500/MO model therefore has the same functionalities and modes of operation as the 5500/TX, but has a compact footprint and option to suspend the controls onto adjacent wall surface, this space saving solution provides optimum scale up capabilities.

Other options include custom-made and/ or fully automated production lines (with container platforms and cappers) manufactured to your precise specifications.

To book a FREE POWDER SAMPLE assessment test at our Winchester (UK) facility on the 4400/VC system, discuss the Kinematics product range further or to request a quote:

Hire options

Biopharma Group also offers a 4400/VC for weekly hire for your own in-house trials and batch processing*. Contact our product specialist for further details and pricing.

*Subject to availability

Sepiatec Preparative Chromatography Separation Solutions

Preparative SFC systems manufacturer Sepiatec GmbH has a world-class reputation. The company has more than 20 years’ experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, natural products, food and chemical sectors.

Its advanced systems simply and accelerate the preparative SFC process. They cover all requirements in the mg to gram range. Benefits include:

  • efficient recovery of samples – Cyclone Gas separation technology offers high-speed sample recovery, and, when paired with the evaporation of carbon dioxide, this results in highly concentrated fractions
  • short fraction path increases fraction purity
  • pressure-free collection allows collection in large vessels, increasing safety
  • user-friendly software – for quicker and easier operation; easy programming of stacked injections significantly improves productivity
  • extremely fast equilibration cuts overall run times significantly
  • space-saving all-encapsulated equipment – requires little laboratory space, can be placed easily in a fume cupboard
  • supplied ‘fume cupboard ready’ for easy connection to services, helping to provide a safer working area
  • ceramic disc back pressure regulators reduce maintenance and downtime
  • integrated evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) and mass spectrometry (MS) equipment available for non-UV active samples.


Prep SFC Solutions Range


Prep SFC M5-50

  • Autosampler, carousel fraction collection
  • 6″ touchscreen
  • Total flow rate: 50 mL/min
  • One analytical or semi-preparative column
  • Prep SFC control software with improved design, real-time editing and mass spectrometry control.

Prep SFC M5-250

  • Autosampler, carousel fraction collection
  • 6″ touchscreen
  • 150 mL pump heads
  • Total flow rate: 250 mL/min
  • One semi-preparative or preparative column
  • Prep SFC control software with improved design, real-time editing and mass spectrometry control.

Sepmatix Parallel HPLC/SFC Multi-column Method Screening Systems

Sepmatix 8x Screening SFC system is the first of its kind with eight separating columns working in parallel at high operating speed. Its performance is unmatched. The system combines Sepiatec’s proven parallel HPLC technology with the advantages of SFC.

Separate enantiomers on eight different chiral columns at the same time – in minutes. Automatic control of the eluents speeds up determination of the optimal chiral separation.

Sepmatix screening systems are pre-loaded with the dedicated CCS Screening Wizard that displays up to 80 chromatograms on one screen, enabling:

  • immediate identification of the best separation – saving time
  • easier presentation of results to co-workers or external partners.


The Sepmatix 8x SFC

The Sepmatix 8x SFC system needs only one CO2 pump and one modifier pump. Sepiatec’s patented technology divides the flow into eight channels, regulated by electronically controlled valves. Standard equipment includes a CO2 pump, modifier pump, autosampler, back pressure regulator, eight-channel diode array detector and a column oven.

The Sepmatix 8x HPLC

The Sepmatix 8x HPLC system operates in a similar manner to screen HPLC columns for the optimal separation for each mixture. It has also been used successfully to commercially purify oligo nucleotides and peptides. The system significantly reduces bench space requirements and operator input. It also requires only one HPLC pump.

Sepbox Compound Isolation Systems

Sepbox systems dramatically speed up compound isolation (via fractionation):

  • removing the bottleneck caused by elaborate and labour-intensive processes
  • offering faster R&D in the race to create products from natural sources, an inestimable pool of novel compounds.

The Sepbox 2D product range offers speed and accuracy that cannot be replicated by conventional chromatography methods. It provides an automated solution where 20-30% of the collected fractions are over 90% pure (by ELSD).

The Sepbox 2D product range offers speed and accuracy that cannot be replicated by conventional chromatography methods. It provides an automated solution where 20-30% of the collected fractions are over 90% pure (by ELSD).

Sepbox 2D meets an industry-wide need with an automation and reproducible separation system – achieving results in 24 hours to seven days (instead of the industry standard of a fortnight to several months).

Download more information:

Pairing Sepiatec And Genevac Processing Equipment

Sepiatec’s Prep SFC 250 can be used in conjunction with a Genevac Rocket Synergy centrifugal solvent evaporator – providing a complete separation and evaporation process.

Collect fractions directly in Rocket flasks (or SP Genevac’s SampleGenie 4) to deal with the rapid evaporation of larger volumes up to 450 mLs per fraction. By using SampleGenie 4, you can dry directly into a vial of your choice.

No manual transfer means no sample losses – from sample injection through to a dried sample collected in a vial of your choice.